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Value of Personal Blender

With more people working at office, people nowadays are interested in maintaining their health by workouts and sustaining nutritious food. One of many ways to sustain nutritious food is through blending them. This project will be targeted to those who want easy but effective personal blender to fulfill their health goals.

Findings / Problem


Motor Investigation

Task Analysis

Hard to clean

Complex controls

Limitied Portability

- Blender needs more power and more speed for consistent blending.

- Prefers blenders that have good human interaction and easy blending.

- Easy to clean.

- Less sharper blade without minimizing the blend quality.

- Less steps to put all the parts together.

- Glass container over plastic.

- More durable materials for the blender.

(steel, aluminium and polished plastics)

- Blenders are used average of 40 minutes per month by home user.

- Brushed motors used in most blenders lasts only 2~3 years.  

Ideation Sketching & Modeling

Concept Solution

Dyson blend n go is a single served blender used for making smoothies or healthy drinks. It serves up to 25-oz and focuses on instant control of the blender, portability and easiness to clean. Unlike other blenders, Dyson blend n go has curved OLED screen and LED indicator for easy control, a travel container to take the drink anywhere and a large bottle opening for easy clean.

LED and OLED Function

The LED indicator glows from left to right, indicating the direction to twist the container from the base.

The curved OLED screen shows the speed level of the blender. As you twist the container to the left, speed increases while red glows more to the left.


The Dyson blendngo container can be used as a cup itself with dedicated lid coming together. 
While the container fits perfectly with one hand, it also fits pockets at the side of any bag packs and cup holder inside the car.

Human Interface

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