unbox it safely.

Problems & Insights

In the US, more than 89% of adults (BI Intelligence) are using the internet to speed up their lives through instant access of information and purchasing power. in 2017, the sales in e-commerce has grown to 800 billion dollars, and expected to grow up to 1 trillion dollars in 2020 (BI Intelligence). However, although there are benefits to this purchasing system, other problems have arisen. The rate of package theft and loss has increased annually while delivery officials are unsure as to what the optimal secure drop-off location would be when the inhabitants are not at home. 

Through research and concept prototyping, three insights were chosen as the focus to  address the needs of both delivery workers and recipients. Packages should be delivered close to the household, storage of delivery package(s) must be secure but only accessible by the delivery officials and the homeowners and a new system of user experience that can be managed by both homeowners and delivery officials needs to be established. 

Data Analysis


Where were you when package were delivered?

Where did you find your package when it was delivered?

Have you ever lost a delivery package?

homebox is a security box built both inside and outside of a personal home to store delivery packages and prevent package theft, damage and, loss. homebox is also a delivery system that is correlated to homebox app that tracks the package and alerts the user when the package has been delivered.

The delivery officials scans the tracking ID via a nfc reader located at the top of the homebox frame.

When the tracking ID is verified, the homebox frontdoor opens to allow the delivery officials to deposit the package inside.

The LED turns green when package has been delivered.

Users can simply receive their package(s) by opening the homebox’s backdoor.

A tray at the top of the homebox for accessories such as keys, wallet and more.


homebox App for officials

homebox App for users

The homebox app is a comfortable way to manage package delivery. The app shows the incoming delivery via tracking IDs that are given by the delivery services. When the packages are delivered safely inside the homebox, users receive a notification as the weight sensor inside the box identifies that the package is inside the homebox.

Delivery officials also use the homebox app through out their work process. Through the app, they can scan the tracking ID to open the homebox and manage all their deliveries.

Design Process

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