What is Aroma Diffuser and How does it help?

Aroma Diffusers have a therapeutic effect.
By using aroma diffuser, it releases serotonin that can relieve stress and helps you to get good
night sleep by enhancing the fragrance of the air.





Damage Surface

Complicated Interaction

Exploration Sketching and Quick Modeling

Final Sketch with user interface

Through form exploration with sketching and rough modelings, people tend to prefer calm and relaxed form compared to active and sharp design. Incense's design was inspired by curved vase and water bottle shape that satisfy the calmness while implementing monochrome white texture with mood lighting to represent the holistic mood it creates.

Incense is an aroma diffuser that uses capsule as an essential oil to diffuse the fragrance to the air. The capsulated essential oil requires no water and the intensity of the diffuser is controlled by capacitive touch panel.

Tailored Fragrance.

Incense comes with the multi-pack essential oil capsules. The multi-pack includes fragrance of, Sweet Lemon, Peppermint, Orange Citrus, Tea Tree, Lavender and Eucalyptus, which are the most used essential oil on the market. Moreover, Cappuccino was also included as it was the most requested fragrance from the survey and interviews.

10% Oil
90% Water

The capsule contains 10% oil and 90% water, the perfect ratio for maximum fragrance (measuring water and oil is already done for you) and low impact in humidity.

Seamless Integration.

How does Incense work?

Simply insert the capsule on top of Incense until you hear the click sound. To turn on, twist the button to the right to operate until you see white LED.

Low Battery
Seamless Integration.

When turned on, the fans at the bottom of the diffuser pushes the air to the lower capsule hole. At the same time, the heating coil heats the capsule. With the heat, the fragrance is released from the upper capsule hole with the air already blown.

Intuitive Interaction.

To change the intensity of the fragrance, swipe the aluminum capacitive touch panel. Swipe to the left lowers the intensity while the brightness of the light also decreases. To increase the intensity, swipe to the right that will also increase the brightness.

Unlimited Proximity.

The charging base allows the users to un-dock Incense at any time and use it on the go.

Visual Interaction.

How do users know when the capsule has low intensity?

The capsule slowly rises depending on the capacity of the capsule and finally stops at the darkest color of the gradient to indicate the capsule is no longer available.

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